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In trials, Live as Witnesses!

In trials, Live as Witnesses!
1 Peter 2:11-3:7 NIV.

My friend once came across a tasty sauce and decided that that was his new secret ingredient. He added it to everything, to bread, to rice, name it, and it eventually became annoying. I guess if you found something that brought out the taste of your food, you'd use it recklessly too.

In the passage, Peter shows us something that brings out a taste—something that impacts lives in trials. What impacts lives in trials?

Verse 12 says, "Live such good that though they accuse you, they will see your good deeds and glorify God". The passage shows that our trials are opportunities to live as witnesses pointing people to God.

Live as a witness by submission—which means to yield, be considerate or endure:

  • Submission to Christ (2:11-12).
Those awaiting God's visitation are to submit to Christ (12c). This means abstaining from sin (11-12) and letting Christ motivate how we live (2:16, 2:21-25, 3:4-6, 3:7c). As we let Christ motivate how we live, the fruits of good deeds flow through us into our everyday lives. This includes:

  • Submission to Authorities (2:13-17).
Those set free by God are to submit to human authorities, showing honour to them (16-17), as God has put them in place (14). As believers express their freedom in Christ through submission to authorities, God uses that to convict lives—to silence the ignorant talk of foolish people (15).

  • Submission to Masters (2:18-25).
Those redeemed by Christ submit to their masters. God desires people to live freely (16) but recognises that injustice is seldom avoidable. While it is right to seek justice where possible, God also commends endurance (19,20). God uses such submission to reveal the suffering of Christ (21-25).

  • Submission to Spouses (3:1-7).
Those whose hope is in God submit to their spouse. 3:1 shows that submission is God's tool for conviction to save a spouse, and 3:7 shows that being considerate (submission of will) demonstrates that a spouse is an heir with you in God. Here, submission can bring a spouse to God or help them remain in Him.

What impacts lives in trials? Living as a witness by submission. Submit to Christ, authorities, masters and spouses. Watch your life! Choose to live in harmony with people!

The passage describes such witnesses as those who await God's return, are set free, are redeemed, and have hope. Submission is not an inferior quality but rather a Christ-like one. It is at the heart of living as witnesses. It is God's tool to win souls into His kingdom. It’s one to be used like a tasty sauce.

Reflect & Pray
When have you faced unjust treatment? How might the Holy Spirit help you submit to Christ or others at that moment?
Father God, we ask for Your Spirit’s help to live as witnesses by submission so that others will glorify You, in Jesus' name, amen.

God bless you exceedingly,

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