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Seasoned with Salt

Colossians 4:2-6. I recall my first meeting as a student back in Edinburgh with my program leader. I walked into his office and greeted him. And he responded ‘...Are you Nigerian? It's the way you bowed your head when you said Good morning.’ There's something about culture that's very central to uniquely identifying people. Some core aspects of culture are part of who we are to everyone. Very obvious ones are language and accent. Paul in writing to a young growing church in Colossae encourages them on Christian living: Be ‘devoted’ to Prayer - commit to prayer, be watchful (i.e. alert to the things of the Spirit) and thankful. (v2-4) Be ‘wise’ in how you live - so that your life can be a signpost to draw people to God. (v5; Matthew 5:16) Be ‘graceful’ in speech ... towards everyone (v6). So this is not just an evangelistic aim. Rather, this is like