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To serve, a higher calling

Matthew 20:20-28. Question: Would you want your mum to visit your workplace? And if yes, would you be happy for her to meet your boss? Thoughts that come to mind: Would she mention that weird childhood habit I had?... Or would she tell my boss off for my workloads and demand a salary raise on my behalf? Getting close to the end of Jesus' earthly ministry, a mum visited her sons' workplace and had a word with the boss, as seen in the passage. She unhesitantly requested (in paraphrase, v21): I want my two sons to be next to you in command. (James and John Zebedee must be proud that mum kicked off a favourable conversation.) But Jesus, being the true servant boss, did not say "put in the hours, meet the KPIs, put yourself out there - people gotta see what you're doing, and gradually you climb the ladder and eventually you become everyone's boss." Rather, Jesus also unhesitantly responded (shortened, v25-28): don't lord it over people, the way to