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The Return of the King

Revelation 22:6-17. One of the things loved about thriller films is the unpredictable storylines and variety in themes. This is because unpredictable could be generally engaging. But the icing on the cake is the ending. How a film ends can justify if it was a time well spent. I think of the Book of Revelation like an action thriller with very uncommon scenes and themes - heaven, hell, angels, demons, beasts... but then this thriller comes to a happy ending - a promise. The very last recorded words of Jesus in Scripture, the happy ending promise, were very profound: "Look, I am coming soon!" (v7, 12, 20). Do you ever wonder: Is this second-coming thing still real? The answer from Jesus is: "Look" - v7, 12, (yes, pay attention). "Yes" - v20. I know it's real, but when is it happening? Jesus says: "No one knows" - Matthew 24:36.