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We have Hope, So we Stand

Praise God for a new month. As a fastly growing - new-ish at the time - church, Rome became a recipient of Paul's letters. He begins to write about the new life in Christ; justification by faith. However, in light of their persecutions, Paul, by inspiration, interconnects his teaching with suffering, and consequently, hope (in Romans 5 and 8). Romans 5:1-5 We are justified by faith .. we have peace with God .. we have access to His grace .. we stand in His grace .. we boast in hope. We also boast in sufferings - which produces perseverance - then character - then hope. Hope makes us unashamed - because the Holy Spirit who is in us fills us with God's love. In his letter of encouragement, Paul links our hope to our faith in Christ. Since by faith Christ lives in us through His Spirit, hope is in us. He is our hope of glory in and beyond the suffering. And despite the sufferings, we have hope, our courage to stand. Romans 8:18. Christ in us the hope of glory. He has