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In trials, Rejoice!

1 Peter 1:1-12 NIV. Have you ever been in a situation where you've been mistreated or made to feel awkward because you're a Christian? Or you're aware of a worldly pattern in your circle - maybe with work or peers - that makes it hard to live as a Christian. These and similar are examples of trials. The challenge of trials is to lose heart or give in. So Peter writes in his epistle to encourage persecuted Christians in his day and us today. Peter addresses believers as God's elect exiles (v1), chosen by God but exiles to the world, facing all kinds of trials (v6). And in the face of trials, what do we do? Rather than lose heart or give in, Peter says Rejoice! Rejoice and be thankful to God because of the kind of new birth - the kind of faith - He gave us. When you undergo trials, rejoice because: Your faith is awarded! (v3-6) Peter begins by praising God for our living hope,