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The Second Coming

The second coming, also called rapture/the Day of the Lord (sometimes sung as the mid-night cry ) is a topic rarely spoken of, for several reserved reasons. But Jesus taught on this. Let’s start by some key players in the second coming; there’s a trumpet sound, there’s a King, there’s a people. The trumpet sound: everyone will hear it, but not every spirit can respond to it. The King: every eyes shall see Him (Revelations 1:7), but not all will be caught-up. The people: only the redeemed shall be saved (1 Thessalonians 4:15-17, Matthew 24:13), the dead in Christ shall rise and the living redeemed shall be caught-up. Jesus is coming again, this time not as a Suffering Servant (The Sacrificial Lamb) but as the Glorious King (Luke 21:27). Jesus in the bible highlights that His second coming is as a thief in the night. This means it's in an unexpected time (Matthew 24:44); it is soon or even sooner than expected for some (2 Peter 3:8-10). Therefore, this visit is of high significanc

Personal and Intimate

The relationship we have with the Father has to be personal and intimate. And the priority has to be first 'personal and intimate' before 'corporate'. OK, here it goes; I think being a Sunday School Teacher, could be one of the most challenging and interesting roles in a church setting. A teacher was once asked by a kid, ' what does God look like?' following a teaching that 'God is everywhere'. Like many Teachers would do when the going goes tough, she said 'hello kids, today our take home assignment is to know what God looks like ... and you all will tell me what you've got in our next class'. Now you can tell what the next class was like. Some kids went practical with the assignment, here was one (among many) of the replies: 'Maam, when I got home in the evening, I hid under our table in the dark to see if God will see from heaven under the table, but I saw a big eye looking at me under the table. Now I know God is the big eye i