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New Beginnings in Christ

Genesis 35:1-12. How can we find hope for a new beginning - whatever our season of life? In Christ is God's invitation to come! Genesis 34 records a series of sad events in Jacob's family (verses 1-4, 11-15, 24-25). And towards the end of the chapter, he is deeply troubled. At this point, to Jacob, there is no coming back - this is the end - for certain, “I and my family will be destroyed” (v30). It was at this tipping point that God rescued Jacob with an invitation. God said to Jacob, “Go up to Bethel” (35:1). Bethel was a place Jacob knew as the house of God (28:16-19). 34:30; 35:1. Amidst Jacob's troubles, God said come to me in Bethel . 35:2-5. Jacob responded to God by letting go of idols and setting out to Bethel . 35:6-7. When they got to Bethel, they built an altar - called on God . 35:10. God answered Jacob