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Battle with Confidence in God

Joshua 1:1-9. After years of wandering in the wilderness, the Israelites are finally able to enter the promised land. But before that, they must wage battles against their enemies. It was to this end God called Joshua as a leader. He was going to fight Jericho, Ai, ... and lead a journey of so many battles, but this time it wasn't going to be with Moses, which he was accustomed to (as in Exodus 17:8-16). So how does he proceed? What's the plan? In the passage, God lays out a strategy for Joshua. God reminded Joshua that: He would need the Word as a constant reminder of God's promises and faithfulness. (v8)  He was to go through the battles by being confident (strong and courageous) in the fact that God is always with him. (v9) Like Joshua, sometimes we have seasons of (so many) battles: a health battle, a career struggle, a relationship tension, something too personal. In these times, God encourages us to come to Him in prayer and confidence in His Presence