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In trials, Speak fearlessly!

1 Peter 3:8-22 NIV. Our actions in trials are significant, but so are our words. So believers—"all of you"—are to live Christ-like to one another (v8) as witnesses in the world (2:11-3:7) . But often, Christ-like living attracts different kinds of responses from unbelievers, ranging from hostility to curiosity. So, Peter encourages believers in trials to use their words wisely. Speak fearlessly (8-17) Speak blessing fearlessly (9-14a). To hostile unbelievers, believers must not speak evil, but blessing because that's what it means to be a Christian with an eternal inheritance (v9, 1:4) and because there is a reward for righteous speaking (v10). This reward includes life, good days, God's presence and attentiveness (v10-12, quoting Psalm 34:12-16). The section ends with a challenge to be fearless in speaking blessing—to be eager in good deeds (13), even if you suffe