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2017 - Year of Harvest

We praise God for His faithfulness through the past years, and for the new gift; the year 2017. 2017 is the year of harvest for the church (the body of Christ). This year God’s blessings on every venture for soul winning is going to be like never before. The gospel of Jesus must be preached. As the end continually draws near, there is an increasing sense of urgency in the Father’s heart that the world comes to the knowledge of Him. The scriptures laid in my heart: The harvest is ripe (Acts 2:47, Matthew 9:37-38), the responsibility is ours (Ezekiel 3:17-19. Romans 10:14. 2 Cor 5:20), and this is a serious business (Revelation 20:10-15. 2 Peter 3:9). We all need to pick up the mantle this year. The bible says we are not ignorant of the devices of the enemy. One of his common deceits is to quench the prompting of the Spirit with lies such as; the person you want to preach to must have heard the Word several times before now. We can overcome the lies by asking ourselves: ‘have the