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Pursuing One Thing

Luke 10:38-42. Have you ever had one of those busy and exhausting days where, in the end, you didn't do the main thing(s) you had set out to do? Distractions are inevitable, aren't they? In the passage in Luke 10, Jesus deals with the issue of distractions. How does Jesus see distractions? As things that could quickly spiral into sin if not dealt with (v40-42). Martha starts off being distracted (v40), then got worried and upset (v41) and lost sight of the "one thing" needed (v42). From distractions to worries to idolatry - a dangerous spiral. And this shows how distractions and the things we worry about can often become the centre of our lives. But good news! Jesus offers a solution to distractions and worries. His Presence (the one thing, v42). In response to Martha, Jesus points to Mary's choice - which was to draw close to Him, "listening to what He says" (v39,42). We can always come to Jesus and find peace and rest (Matthew 11:28)