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Be Content with His Word

1 Timothy 6:3-8. (ESV) "We'll make Lasagna today", my flatmate said. So we got Jamie's recipe book out. There was a list of ingredients; we got that bit right. Alongside the list were measurements, when to put what, i.e. the instructions. But along the way, we began to miss and make up some steps. We finished making the Lasagna quite all right, but the taste and look of that thing. It went straight into the bin. Lesson learnt, follow the recipe! In the book of 1 Timothy, Paul begins to give Timothy some doctrines (like godly recipes) for Christian ministry and living. And in our passage (in v3), he identifies in summary what makes up a godly recipe (which is also how to tell wrong teachings): Agreement with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ Agreement with godliness (instructions from God's Word) In v2, Paul asks Timothy to teach and insist on godly doctrine. Why? This