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A Story of Gratitude

Psalm 136. When I think of allocating time to a to-do list, I think more about spending time on "getting things done" and not on things that are already done. But making time for reflection can be very peaceful, as well as productive, and also create space for thanksgiving - which is God's will for us (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) and an act honouring to God (Psalm 50:23). In the passage in Psalm 136, the Psalmist models a kind of thanksgiving that can be very helpful in expressing our deep gratitude to God: He begins by thanking God for His good and loving nature, His sovereign nature, His wonder, His power and creativity (v1-9) - a good way to set our hearts on God. He tells a story - of specific moments of God's goodness to people (Israel - v11,14; his people - v16; his servant - v22) and of personal experiences of God's goodness (us - v23,24; every creature - v25). All through, he recognises that God's love/ mercy endures in every season of life (v1