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For the Other Sheep

John 10:11,14-16. Have you ever had to make some changes at home in order to make someone feel welcome for a short stay? My parents hosted guests a lot while I was growing up. Although they were just being homely, as a kid I always felt like I was suffering. I had to move my room several times. Nicht gut! Sad time for a kid. Well, except when the uncle or aunty came bearing gifts. In the passage, Jesus introduces himself as the Good Shepherd. In the parable, He compares himself with others (the thief/robber - v1, the stranger - v5, and the hired hand - v12). And unlike the others, He has the best interest of the sheep at heart - to guide, speak to and care sacrificially for them. Then, in v14-16, He indicates that His shepherding care is not only to the sheep that know Him but also to the other sheep that do not know Him or have strayed from Him. Jesus would do this by living everyday life among sinners, having a lu