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We Do It For Jesus

I just remembered a story of two kids from YWAM that were shot in Denver. What happened was; a stranger - guy, wanted to stay in for the night, which was not allowed. So one of the girls from YWAM approached him and said, the rule here is; unless we've known you and you've been a part of the ministry here, you can't sleep over here at night. He threatened, but she insisted. He then pulled out his gun and shot her, he also shot around the room, and escaped afterwards. The friends of this young girl gathered around her while awaiting the medics. When they gathered, she asked her friends; is it really bad? and they said, yes it's really bad. You know what her dying words were? "We do this for Jesus, right? We do this for Jesus, right?" that's the last thing she said. Wow, she had her priorities right. It's often easy to count the cost of following Jesus, and overlook the cost of not. (Matthew 19:27-30, Mark 10:28-31, Luke 18:28-30) In these passage