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Psalm 91: A Guaranteed Refuge 2

Psalm 91 [short series]. Have you ever been in a long season of trouble that made you wonder whether it is God's will to rescue you? Are you presently in such a season? The Psalmist not only shows us that God is mighty to save (He can) but also that He desires to save. In the Psalm, God guarantees His refuge by His Promise (He will). His Refuge is guaranteed by His Promise! Psalm 91:4, 14-16 God's refuge is guaranteed because He has promised that He will. See how much God says “I will” in v14-16. But I’m sure we have all experienced people in power and their promises. Like a Member of Parliament (MP) once said to another MP, "All your party is known for are empty promises". To which this MP responded, "At least you find the word promises in our dictionary". So, we often find people with the power to help untrustworthy. But it’s not so with God! We see