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2021 - The Lord is There

Joel 2:28-32. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! We can take a few minutes to reflect and capture those moments in 2020 that we felt some joy or comfort, no matter how little, and thank God for them... Thank you Father God for 2020, and for those moments that Your light was shone in darkness, and those moments when we were encouraged... and that You keep on keeping us. We are so grateful! In the Old Testament journey of the Israelites, we see a constant cycle where the Israelites keep turning away from God's ways. And when they do, God forsakes them (2 Chronicles 15:2). Then they get exiled. They cry to God. God saves them. And then they repeat the cycle. The book of Joel is a similar story of the Israelites' exile cycle. God forsakes them. They cry out to God and He 'took pity' on them (v18), He is merciful. And more than that, he promises a day when He will come, and He paints a picture of what would happen when He comes (v28-32). A picture that reminds them that the Lord