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The Potter's Care

Jeremiah 18:1-6. Have you ever broken or scratched something which is not easily replaceable? I have - my tablet. I had hit it against the wall, and it sustained a scratch just below the volume buttons. This scratch, although little, was annoying for days. I wished it wasn't there. But sometimes, there are things more worrying than a little scratch on a tablet. In the passage, Jeremiah visits a Potter's house and sees the potter shaping the "marred" clay with his hands, "carefully forming it into another pot" (v4). He reminds us that God is a skillful potter, we are the clay. And in His sovereignty, He can use what He creates to both destroy evil and create beauty in us. Our Potter is also Our Father (Isaiah 64:8). In His sovereignty and love, He picks up our broken pieces, our mistakes, whatever we entrust into His hands, and reshapes them into something beautiful - something He delights in a