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2022 - Like a little child

Mark 10:13-16. Praise God! Happy new year!!! There's a phrase every parent has said at some point, "Stop nagging me" or "Will you give it a rest". Or maybe you have a unique response to a constant "Are we there yet?", "Can I have ice cream for breakfast?"... or something else a little kid will invent just to call for your attention. The passage conveys one of Jesus' teachings on the kingdom of God. (The Kingdom of God, now referring to the lordship of the crucified and risen Christ - His reign - the life He gives) In the first century, children and women were not held in high regard publicly - a societal norm that Jesus frequently addressed. Sadly we see this reflected in the passage as the disciples rebuked people for bringing little children to Jesus (v13). In response to this, Jesus rebuked his disciples. He then invited the little children: &qu