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What to do with God's Promises

So many times we come across a portion of the scripture which relates God's intentions (or the father heart of God) for us. I refer to this as God's promises (sometimes as the word of His Grace – in the New Testament). (Personal) I love kids and really, really do. This is partly because, most of the practical things I get to learn (faith-wise) are hidden in their actions (even Jesus affirms this: Matthew 18:3,19:13-14). Let's keep it simple, with a simple analogy – kids. When you tell a kid; I'll buy you a bicycle. Observe carefully a couple of exhibitions that follow; the kid keeps it to memory and sometimes mutters to himself/herself "my uncle said that he will buy me a bicycle", also the kid shares the promise with friends. Secondly (this part gets funny with kids sometimes); they begin to practice/simulate what is not there. For instance, they could get a toy and pretend it was a bicycle to ride (as if they had already gotten it), and for the artis