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2023 - Satisfied with Unending Love

Ephesians 3:14-19. Praise God! Happy new year!!! One of our favourite eat-out places as a student was Cosmo. My friends and I loved Cosmo because it was a buffet restaurant that offered world cuisines. So we often went hungry and prepared. The downside was that no matter how hungry we came, we always left the building staring at the other varieties of food we hadn't tasted. We were filled but never satisfied. But there's a filling that satisfies - God's unending love. After an encouraging letter to the wondering Gentile Church at Ephesus to remind them that in Christ they are one with the Jews and share the same promise in Christ (v6), Paul prays for the church (and a prayer for us) that by the power of the Holy Spirit: Christ would dwell in our hearts through faith, v16-17. Dwell (not visit) speaks of the continuous presence of Jesus by His