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God, this one is You!

Luke 17:11-19. A year 5 teacher begins: “Today, boys and girls, you're going to draw on your pieces of paper something or someone you're grateful for... it's a great way to remind ourselves how lucky we are for what we have or who we have in our lives. Afterwards, we will share what we have with the rest of the class”. After the drawing, the kids began to share: I'm thankful for trees because they give me oxygen. … for my parents because they help me with my homework. … for chocolate. A kid drew a hand. “It’s your hand Ms Sanders” recalling how the teacher cares for them. When it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s easy to miss the obvious. In the passage, Luke sandwiches a miracle among Jesus' teaching on His kingdom. Jesus heals ten lepers and asks them to show themselves to the priest, but only one (a Samaritan, foreigner) comes back to express gratitude to Him