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The Colour of Grace

Awesome God, You’re so good. It’s weekend already and all I can recall now is a bunch of conversations with friends on the Christian faith – lots of sharing. One of the pictures I tried to paint was Grace. The picture: Sometimes God chooses to respond quicker to our simple faith than our excessive works. Just like a Christian gathering, often of two typical categories of attendees – those who came fully prepared: probably been fasting: maybe long expecting, and those who just showed up: maybe not even bothered. After the conference, you’re given a bulletin with testimony corner, and you begin to see stuff like: “I just showed up for the conference, and …”, the testimony corner then goes on and on in similar track, you even see stuffs like: “I didn’t even know there was a conference, my friend pulled me along … now God’s healed my back”. Hahaha, Awesome God. That’s grace. Now just take a minute to imagine; if we had to work for everything independent of God’s enablement, what need wou