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Dwelling Together in Unity

Psalm 133. Back at uni when I was in CU (Christian Union) I recall having interesting ‘how did you come to faith?’ conversations like: “I was looking for accommodation and some CU students took me in…”, “a bunch of CU students took me on a city tour…”, “I was invited for the CU pizza party…” … The impact of unity! The Psalmist describes the beauty of God’s people dwelling together in unity. Unity is an act of worship, it glorifies God. Like oil.. on Aaron. In v2 the psalmist compares unity to an important old testament act of worship - which is the consecration of priests. The consecration was done by anointing priests with oil, unto service to God and His people, before they can perform their priestly duties, like atonement for the people. Exodus 29:7. Like any act of worship, unity is important to God, it glorifies Him. Unity creates an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to work t