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The Voice of Truth

Judges 6:1-14. “I am doing lent from apps,” a friend said. Then, a few days later: “I’ve felt so assured of God’s love...”. Then, a few more days later: “Hey Sam, I’m getting baptised!” In today's world, there are so many voices, but it’s incredible the peace, assurances and even victories we find every time we listen to One Voice - God’s voice of truth. The passage begins with a pattern seen throughout the book, that of Israel’s struggle with sin (4:1, 6:1, 10:6). This time, as a consequence, God allows the Midianites to attack Israel. But the Midianites were as cruel as a plague; they would invade the land, ruin the crops, steal all the livestock and leave nothing. So the Israelites cried out to God for help (6:6), and He sent Gideon, a very inadequate man who struggled to see God's faithfulness. God sends that Gideon, but God first speaks truth into Gideon’s identity and reality before Gideon takes the fight f