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God is there when we feel unseen

Psalm 139:7-12. Playing hide and seek with little kids is really fun. When I would play it with my friend's kids, they would hide next to a small plant in the garden and close their eyes tightly. And because the plant is too small, their shoes, arms and head remain visible, but they feel unseen because their eyes are tightly closed. Similarly, there are times in life when we feel "unseen" to others and perhaps God (Psalm 102:1-2). From the passage, the Psalmist recounts that God knows us intimately. He knows our words, thoughts, and ways (v1-4). He knows how often I get up to make a cup of tea. He is acquainted with all my ways (v3). But this is more than transcendent knowledge. He intimately journeys through life with us by His Holy Spirit - v7. Whether in heaven or even in the grave (Sheol) - v8 He is there in the unseen.