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Seeing with the Eyes of Jesus

Matthew 28:19 command of Jesus is go and make disciples... The making of a disciple however is not in the 'selection' but in the 'loving' - in 'patiently seeing individuals with the eyes of Jesus'. Let's take the interesting Jesus-Peter example. Peter was one disciple of Jesus that was for sure, stuffed up with vigor and enthusiasm but lacked patience and character. So what did Jesus do? Live with the attitude of 'Oh, Peter not you again!', of-course not. The more 'Simon', Peter acted, the more Jesus even drew closer to him :) Jesus: miraculously caught a net full of fish; giving Peter a good day - the day the fishes refused to swim in his favour. Jesus: not only taught Peter to pray with other disciples, but also showed him how he prayed in secret. Jesus: took Peter to intimate heights he did not take other disciples to - transfiguration. Jesus: healed Peter's mother-in-law. ...and so on and so forth. Peter: denies knowing Jesu

Every Minute - A Testimony

It's exactly 12:10am over here - so, good morning. Thanks to God for a new day. Great is your faithfulness O Lord. You know how it's very easy to focus on the wrong/non-promising side of things, even first thing in the morning. Well, that's one of the devil's devices, to make us begin our day wrongly and consequently have a bad rest-of-the-day. I once heard a rough statistics that every minute a life is lost (for instance a child dies of malaria), then I heard another which says, a child is born every minute. In one case, there is an outburst of mourning and in another, inexplicable joy. There are lots of questions which might remain mystery to us, like; why what happened yesterday persisted despite..., why that friend did not get healed despite..., and so on. But there is one reality; God is faithful. And his word says in Romans 8:39 that nothing can separate us from his love, no matter the situation (in Hebrews 13:5) He lets us know that He'll never leave nor f