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Making the best use of time

Ephesians 5:13-18. Recently I visited the Cotswolds, SW England countryside, for a week. Before my visit, a few friends had made a long list of attractions, but I could only cross off two. So much to see in so little time! In His letter encouraging the Church at Ephesus, Paul reminds them that the Christian life is like that holiday visit: a life requiring the best use of time - an intentional living (15-18). But, first, the passage reminds them of their identity as light. An illuminated life. Anyone in Christ has become light - through Christ illuminating them from the dead into life (13-14). So then, as a light, be very careful how you live:  An intentional life. As a light, make the best use of time (15-16) by:  Doing God's will, v17. Don't live carelessly [MSG]. But seek to understand what His Word says about different issues of life.