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Renewed in Prayer

Matthew 26:36-46. Do you ever have one of those mornings where you get up, take a shower, put on your work clothes and then go back to bed to grab just a wee more sleep before the train time ... because your body is screaming for rest. Yeah, I sometimes have that, it's called Monday mornings. In the passage, Matthew paints a vivid picture of a prayer struggle. On the one hand, the disciples are struggling with prayer. They fell asleep, again and again, and again (vv40, 43, 45). While on the other hand, Jesus is struggling in sorrow, so He prays, again and again, and again (vv39, 42, 44). At the end of the Gethsemane visit, they rise up (v46) and Jesus faces crucifixion in the strength of the Spirit and the will of the Father, while the disciples desert Him alongside Peter's denial. (v75, Mark 14:50) The passage reminds us of the importance of prayer: Like sleep and rest is strength to the body