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In trials, Come to Jesus!

1 Peter 2:4-10 NIV. The passage describes Jesus as the living Stone and then believers as living stones, i.e. of the same kind as Jesus. Therefore, what happens to the living Stone happens to the living stones. Jesus was chosen by God but humans rejected Him (v4). Likewise, believers are chosen by God to offer spiritual sacrifices by holy living and to declare God’s goodness (v5,9). Also, believers are rejected (1:1,6). So, what do you do when you feel rejected in trials? Come to Jesus (v4), who is: A cornerstone. Jesus is a precious cornerstone to those who believe in Him and have received God’s mercy (v5-7a,10). A cornerstone is the foundation stone that determines the direction and stability of a building. Similarly, Jesus provides believers with direction (as living stones chosen, royal, holy and special; v9) and stability (as living stones being built together and unashamed; v5-6).