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A Hope Fulfilled in Christ

Isaiah 9:1-7. Out of the ashes, from a very dark place in the history of Israel (nearly 800BC, Assyrian captivity) came a word of hope. Usually, God would send His rescue government through a priest (Moses) or a judge (Deborah) or a king (David). But this time, He had a bigger, better plan - to send His Son Jesus for us (John 3:16) who fulfils these promises in us. Promise: A hope, spiritual and physical (v2-5): v2 Salvation (darkness to light) v3 The Holy Spirit (increased joy) v4 Freedom v5 Justice Promise: A relationship to demonstrate His sovereignty and love. Where He calls us in fellowship by His Spirit to experience His wonder and might (transcendence), but also His everlasting love and peace (immanence). (v6) Promise: An everlasting government because His office is perfect - He is a Priest, who is a Judge, who is a King and who is God. Which means we have pea