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Sharing His Hope

It's Easter season, so I'll just give a short personal-biblical story/encouragement to stir you to doing something for the Master's sake this season and continually. One day I was meditating on Jesus feeding the five thousand story (Matthew 14:16-21) and his other acts of love, and suddenly I could discern God asking me to do something similar, (and even provided me with how to go about it). At one point of reflection, just to back out I thought: but Jesus was the Son of God, He was anointed for such stuff, he could easily multiply the loaves... Further, at the point of reflection, I knew the word easily in this context, sounds like it cost him nothing. But in fact it cost him his kingdom, his life, his everything to come to earth. And the thought of 'feeding the five thousand, whom he knew would crucify him later' is a whole lesson on self-denial and sacrifice. Yes, it did cost him everything. All my initial resistance was against the sacrifice of a couple