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In the Name of Jesus

Acts 3:1-8. Have you ever prayed in a prayer meeting and wondered to yourself what people thought of your prayer? - Why were their eyes still closed? Was it too short? Did it make sense? It didn't make sense... I can't even remember what I said. I must be terrible at this thing. (You can tell I've lived this, haha) Acts 3 is the first miracle of healing in the Early Church, an event where a man who was lame from birth began to walk (v2,8) I am often encouraged by the passage mainly because of the emphasis on the simplicity of the event (from the disciples' lense): It happened to be that Peter and John had no money - an awkward situation. (v3,6) It happened during their everyday life - at 3 pm on their way to (not from) prayer - it wasn't planned. (v1) It seemed to me Peter's prayer was ... errmm ... too short (v6, In Jesus name, walk). In an earlier chapter in Acts 2:17-21, Peter had shared how God's promise of the Holy Spirit is now fu