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Jesus - The Saviour whom we worship

Note: If you have been following any of the teaching series, we will be continuing in the new year. Praise God for a new month. I would like to share a personal experience, then we look at the word. I recently was recalling my first experience of using a Bible reading plan. It was the Classic Bible reading plan (i.e. straight through Gen to Rev), which my mum gave to me and my elder sister during my first year at uni. Oh, and there was a cash prize for whoever finishes first. I can’t tell what my sister’s motivation was, but I knew what mine was - the money, well initially. The only problem was my sister was a faster reader or better put, I am a slow reader. Nonetheless, eyes on the prize and I kept going for it. Genesis chapter 1, chapter 2 … chapter 6, and I got stuck. I read that passage (Genesis 6) so many times - and what really touched me was verses 5-6. Imagine someone reading 39 books of the Old Testament (OT) with Genesis 6:5-6 in mind (which is actually reflected in m